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Jon Lamey Art

Jon Lamey is an artist living in northern Cumbria  whose distinctive, contemporary wood burned artwork provides a unique impression of the Lake District.  Each handcrafted picture is full of individual detail and texture, which comes from both a love of the fells, and an appreciation of the beauty of the land formations we are surrounded by. Jon hand makes both larger artwork and smaller pieces that appeal to a range of people and pockets.

​​​​​​​The wood burning technique of pyrography, whereby the artist uses a tool that can be heated to different temperatures, allows the creation of  layers of texture using a steady hand and precise application.  This technique suits very detailed scenes where contrast can be highlighted to great effect, such as those found on the fells.

Home is near Caldbeck, at the northern most tip of the Lake District National Park, which allows Jon to indulge his passion for fell running in the Northern Fells.

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